Apartment, 2 Bedrooms

Payment terms


You can pay rent apartments in Astana in the following ways: 

  • Cash in tenge
  • Bank transaction
  • Credit card

LLP "Incom Astana" accepts the following types of cards:

To get your payment made by credit card:

We will send you a form to confirm payment by credit card and wait for the fax or e-mail the completed form with your signature.

Guaranteed order execution

We fully guarantee the fulfillment of an order in the following cases: 
signed a lease.
Please note that the status of the apartment in relation to employment / vacancy may change at any time. Despite the fact that we do our best to provide you with information about the apartment immediately after receiving your request, we can not guarantee that the apartment / apartments will be available at the time of confirmation of the apartment.

When you decide you are interested in to the apartment and asked to send her book, a consultant company "Inkom Astana" will inform you in writing the period during which you can confirm its intention to reserve an apartment with one of the following ways: a) by means of pre-payment; by signing the lease. This waiting period can vary from an hour to several hours and even several days depending on the demand for the sale and selected season.

Guaranteed order execution

Termination conditions can be very different depending on the agreements reached with the company or permanent special guest.


LLP "Incom Astana" is obliged to keep confidential and under no circumstances should you transfer your personal information to third parties. Personal information about you will be used solely for the purpose of processing your request / order. 


For all matters relating to the terms of the lease, please contact us by e-mail riverside@incomastana.kz or by phone +7 (7172) 670-270, 670-077, + 7 771 088 80 16, + 7 771 088 80 26.